Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gokarna, February 2011

I travelled alone. And I discovered peace.

Not too many photos, because I was deadly scared of what salt water and sand could do to my lens (I'm paranoid like that) but these are some of the ones I took, that turned out to be my favourites.

Everyone should travel alone once in their lives, I said on Twitter, and on holiday, not on work.

So here's a little beach for your day.


  1. I love how colourful the third picture is

  2. I totally envy your ability to capture people...I get so caught up with having the right composition, rule of thirds etc that my people pics usually turn lifeless... But yours are colorful, dynamic and almost always says a it!

    Keep clicking!

  3. Thanks guys! :)The trick I use is just to stand around a distance with my camera and when they ignore me, I click loads.