Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gardens and picnics, Delhi, wintertime

You know what's tough? Trying to get those cool pictures of people moving while their backgrounds blur. You see it all the time in sports photography, but I don't think the kit lens my starter SLR came with was made for that. This didn't stop me from trying though. The only thing I will take "can't do" for an answer with, re: my camera, is video. Well, because it doesn't take video. But, besides that, no excuses, camera! You're doing EVERY DAMN THING I WANT YOU TO!

So, a group of very enterprising and energetic people I know go to Lodhi Gardens every Sunday for a late lunch, complete with booze and extreme frisbee. I feel more like the dudes up there, chilling, while the world goes on around me, and also, let's face it, when do I ever have the energy for anything hectic on a Sunday? That week though, I felt fairly inspired, so I grabbed my camera, put on my "grubbies" and went for it.

The pictures are a little blurred, and in later reading of photography websites, I see it would've been easier for me, as a novice, to stick to the preset "Sports" mode in my camera, instead of fiddling with settings, but I kind of liked the way they represented movement and energy.

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  1. Hi, long time lurker and admirer here. I am glad you've taken on photography now. I also am an enthusiast. If you can manage to learn the manual settings of your camera, you would be able to control your shutter speed, in relation to your ISO and aperture. It would come in very handy in capturing action. Also, panning proves to be a good trick.