Thursday, January 27, 2011

On my roof, January 2011

Delhi had some pretty grey days this winter, but one cold January day, just after New Year's Eve, the sun came out for like, half a second, and I grabbed my camera and a book and went to bask in the sun. Not because I was expecting anything spectacular to happen, but I really like my roof. It's got a nice view and I put the original folding cot that was in my flat, upstairs, so there's place to sit. As soon as the weather's a little better, more predictable, I plan on having a long boozy lunch up there. 

I shot most of these in black and white, because some of the images struck me as being bleak. Maybe I was just in a bleak mood, despite the sunshine? I wanted to talk about lives being lived, even as we closet ourselves indoors, things growing, the urban landscapes, where roofs are the only place where you're out in the open (unless you have a garden, and not many people I know actually spend time in their gardens.)

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