Saturday, June 11, 2011

Storm in Delhi

Pictures of rain from a storm earlier this month. I grabbed my camera and ran up to the terrace, to see what I could get. I like the light in these shots a lot, only wish I had someone else to take pictures of to provide some relief against the landscape.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos of children

Photos I've taken of kids across my travels. The first two are with the DSLR, the others are from my point and shoot. There's something I like about kids (and animals), in shooting, they are unselfconcious and pure, all good things for a photographer.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Singapore, March 2011

These are pictures I took from my recent visit to Singapore. I realised when I uploaded them that they were mostly boring pictures of buildings, and even my people shots weren't as "poppy" as I'd have liked them to be. So I ran them through Picnik and used a couple of special effects, which I think enhance the pictures and bring out better what I wanted to say. I'm actually really pleased with them now, especially the mannequin one and the neon man on the bench right below. It's fun to play with photos every now and then!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gokarna, February 2011

I travelled alone. And I discovered peace.

Not too many photos, because I was deadly scared of what salt water and sand could do to my lens (I'm paranoid like that) but these are some of the ones I took, that turned out to be my favourites.

Everyone should travel alone once in their lives, I said on Twitter, and on holiday, not on work.

So here's a little beach for your day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Missing Bombay, memories of Bhuleshwar, October 2010

Since I'm off to Bombay next week, I was looking through my old photos and found a few I took the last week I was there. These are all from the steel market of Bhuleshwar, near the Mumbadevi Temple, and also, some of the earliest shots I took with my new camera.

While I love Delhi, I miss Bombay like a limb, and it's nice to have all these memories I can turn back to.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gardens and picnics, Delhi, wintertime

You know what's tough? Trying to get those cool pictures of people moving while their backgrounds blur. You see it all the time in sports photography, but I don't think the kit lens my starter SLR came with was made for that. This didn't stop me from trying though. The only thing I will take "can't do" for an answer with, re: my camera, is video. Well, because it doesn't take video. But, besides that, no excuses, camera! You're doing EVERY DAMN THING I WANT YOU TO!

So, a group of very enterprising and energetic people I know go to Lodhi Gardens every Sunday for a late lunch, complete with booze and extreme frisbee. I feel more like the dudes up there, chilling, while the world goes on around me, and also, let's face it, when do I ever have the energy for anything hectic on a Sunday? That week though, I felt fairly inspired, so I grabbed my camera, put on my "grubbies" and went for it.

The pictures are a little blurred, and in later reading of photography websites, I see it would've been easier for me, as a novice, to stick to the preset "Sports" mode in my camera, instead of fiddling with settings, but I kind of liked the way they represented movement and energy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

On my roof, January 2011

Delhi had some pretty grey days this winter, but one cold January day, just after New Year's Eve, the sun came out for like, half a second, and I grabbed my camera and a book and went to bask in the sun. Not because I was expecting anything spectacular to happen, but I really like my roof. It's got a nice view and I put the original folding cot that was in my flat, upstairs, so there's place to sit. As soon as the weather's a little better, more predictable, I plan on having a long boozy lunch up there. 

I shot most of these in black and white, because some of the images struck me as being bleak. Maybe I was just in a bleak mood, despite the sunshine? I wanted to talk about lives being lived, even as we closet ourselves indoors, things growing, the urban landscapes, where roofs are the only place where you're out in the open (unless you have a garden, and not many people I know actually spend time in their gardens.)